Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Favorite Treatment App!

 Do you ever find one of those treatment apps that you are so excited to utilize in therapy? I found this treatment app about one year ago and it is hands down the best treatment app that I have ever used! Best part…it’s free!

TxTools is an app from PediaStaff. As you can see it has a 5 star rating! I use this app in most of my treatment sessions. It is so versatile and saves me ample time! This app has 5 major functions: a counter, percentage calculator, timer, age calculator, and IEP tracker.



This app allows for me to take data in real time without having to worry about calculating later on in the day. I am able to complete my daily notes usually by the end of each treatment session. I do not work in the schools so I do not use the IEP tracker. The only change I wish was available on this app would be the ability to track multiple goals at once via the counter or the percentage.

What is your favorite treatment app?

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