Sunday, April 3, 2016

I Vote for Voice!

Dear Presidential Candidates,

You’ve been campaigning for months. There have been heated debates, countless rallies, and news interviews to boot! I am sure you all are exhausted but there is something very important that you are all neglecting. No I am not talking about a policies or political views. I am talking about your voices!

When you all speak there is a collective cringe from speech-language pathologists (SLPS) across the world. Each of you have been found guilty of vocal abuse and misuse! The evidence is right in front of us!

Donald Trump - Please don't hate the's your friend!

Hillary Clinton

          Let's not forget about this coughing fit Hillary...Have you been hydrating?

Bernie Sanders 

Seriously, all jokes aside, get yourself to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Physician and then a Speech-Language Pathologist to teach you how to keep your voice safe and healthy! You all are at risk for vocal nodules, hemorrhage, or polyps! And those, my friends, take time, therapy, and possibly surgery to recover. We will cross our fingers that there isn’t something worse going on!

Here are some quick tips that you can implement in the mean time…

1.     Stop yelling and let the microphone work for you!
2.     Give yourself vocal rest.
3.     Stay away from foods/liquids that may irritate reflux or act as a diuretic.
4.     Drink more water!
5.     Get in for a formal evaluation with an ENT and an SLP.

I know all of you are in different parts of the country and it may be hard to find an ENT and SLP that you trust. So here are a few of the national organizations that may be able to lead you in the right direction.

1.     American Academy of Otolaryngology –
2.     American Board of Otolaryngology –
3.     American Laryngological Association –
4.     American Speech-Language Hearing Association –
5.     Voice Foundation –

Please take care of your voices.


Mallory Moore M.S. CCC-SLP 

P.S. Can we please change the Medicare Part B therapy cap so that speech-language pathology has their own funds and not share with physical therapy? Thanks!

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