Friday, January 1, 2016

15 Speech-Language Pathology Organizations

Image by Inventorseye (2012)

Happy New Year Speechies! With the New Year amongst us, it is the perfect time to make resolutions. One of my resolutions is to become better connected to organizations that will help me develop into a stronger speech-language pathologist. Some of you may have similar goals. Therefore, I present 15 speech-language pathology related organizations/communities that may help you reach your goals in 2016!

1.     American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology ~

2.     American Speech Language and Hearing Association ~

3.     Apraxia-KIDS ~

4.     Hearing Loss Association of America ~

5.     International Association of Laryngectomees ~

6.     International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association ~ 

7.     International Dyslexia Association ~

8.     Local State Organization ~ has provided a list of all organizations in the USA ~

9.     National Aphasia Association ~

10.  National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing ~

11.  National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders ~

12.  National Student Speech Language Hearing Association ~

13.  National Stuttering Foundation ~

14.  United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication ~

15.  Web Whispers ~

The organizations are presented in alphabetical order. If you know of additional organizations or communities please leave a copy of the link in a comment!


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