Friday, March 20, 2015

My Home Away from Home

My Home Away from Home

In the final semester of my graduate degree studies we had the course “Professional Issues.” I’ll always remember my professor telling us about the various places she had the opportunity to work and her different office locations. From the broiler room to a regular office my professor worked everywhere! I have always felt so fortunate to have my own little office at my full time position. I like to think of it as my home away from home. Sometimes it is actually referred to as “Miss Mallory’s house” by my patients. So I thought today that I would give you all a brief tour of my office.


Come on in and relax!

 You might enjoy looking at some of my educational materials...
Do you like my new drawers? I decorated them this year!

 Don't forget to say hi to Olaf!

And that is my office! Hope you enjoyed!

Now at my two PRN jobs we have a cabinet to put our things (and a few binders for TX material) and that is about it. Treatment is provided within the patients’ room. What kind of office do you work out of? What is one thing you would change about your office?

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