Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cranial Nerve Continuing Education

Course: Oral Mechanism/Cranial Nerve Examination: What Every SLP Needs to Know
Presented by: Dr. Kelly Dailey Hall
Cost: $34
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Test: Must pass with 80% accuracy
ASHA Approved? YES!

This evening I just finished the Oral Mechanism/Cranial Nerve Examination CEU through Northern Speech Services. This course was a great review from my course work when I was earning my masters degree. The course covers function and assessment of Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX, X, XI, and XII. Dr. Hall provided wonderful pictures and videos to demonstrate the assessments. I personally love the Oral-Mechanism Examination form that you can print to use in real evaluations. I also love the examples provided at the end of the course of how to write up your findings.

There were only two negative parts of this presentation. The information was presented too quickly. I frequently had to pause the course and backtrack to listen again and to be sure that I wrote all of the notes that I needed. The second negative part was that when I did pause the presentation a medium sized box would appear in the middle of the screen that would ask if I wanted to resume playing, start at the beginning, or go back to the main page. The problem with this box is that it blocked the content of the slide behind it thus making it difficult to take notes.

Overall the course was great and I would recommend it.

What do your Ora-Mechanism Evaluations look like?


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