Monday, January 26, 2015

Shaving Cream Fun!

This Week in Speech ~ Shaving Cream Fun!

This week in speech we decided to get a little messy! With shaving cream, a lunchroom tray, lots of towels, and various treatment plans we were able to have a lot of fun!

 My department orders these tiny shaving cream canisters. Simply spray onto a surface that can be wiped off and you are set for fun!

 There are so many options that you can use this in therapy! Here are just a few ideas!
  1. Articulation – you or your student draw out target words to practice
  2. Reading sight words
  3. Spelling
  4. Visual memory – write it down, draw it out, and then wipe it off – recall later
  5. Story telling
  6. Receptive language – identifying drawings
  7. Vocabulary – Learning about the vocabulary terms of “soft” “messy” “fluffy” and “white.” Drawing/writing synonyms and antonyms. Expanding vocabulary knowledge by letting the child draw or try to explain the feature that you drew.
  8. Receptive language – following directions through drawing i.e., make a circle before you draw a square.
  9. Groups – if you have a group you can turn this into a race, a collaborative effort (1 child draws while the other gives the directions), etc.
  10. Playtime/Game time! I always like to reward my patients with a fun game if they have completed all of their work.

Cautions: If you have a child with sensory concerns then they may not like this activity. If you have a child that mouths objects then you may want to consider using whip cream instead of shaving cream. You also want to be sure that you clean well between uses!

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