Monday, September 1, 2014

Grandparents Day!

September 7th is Grandparents Day! Be sure to call or write a letter to your Grandparents letting them know just how much you love an appreciate them.

Above is a photograph of my Grandpa Richard Mahon and Grandma Helen Mahon with my adorable dad when he was a child. The second photograph is my Grandpa T.H. Fitzpatrick and Grandma Naomi Fitzpatrick celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. 

All of my grandparents have passed away with the exception of my Grandma Helen, who will be 91 this year! I personally feel it is important to recognize our Grandparents. I know that all of mine were incredibly influential in my life.  So in honor of my Grandparents and all Grandparents out there I created this material so that you can talk about Grandparents day with all of your kids!

This packet includes the following:
- A mix of “wh” questions + some how questions. (12 in total).
- Learning how to address an envelope.
- Guided letter writing (fill in the blank).
- Independent letter writing.
- Guided letter writing (via drawing pictures).
- Creative design - drawing a self portrait with their
grandma or grandpa. This can lead into great discussion
on attributes, actions, basic concepts, etc…

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