Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stars in Her Eyes by Dr. Linda Barboa with Elizabeth Obrey

In graduate school, I always enjoyed going to Dr. Linda Barboa's class. I enjoyed her classes because she provided theory/evidence within her teachings and she provided real life experiences. When I found out that Dr. Barboa and Elizabeth Obrey were writing a book about Autism, I was thrilled!

Stars in Her Eyes provides an informative look into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book gives a unique perspective from a Speech-Language Pathologist, an educator, and a mother of two children with ASD. This collaboration may have been my favorite part of this book! To have the opportunity to not only hear what an SLP would say about a topic but also see the perspective of a mother and an educator was incredibly helpful. It serves as a reminder that a multitude of perspectives can add value to treating a child with Autism.

Though I am not a mother, I imagined myself as a parent who discovered her child has Autism. From this view, I felt validated that my child is not the only one, that the sleep issues my child had been experiencing are common, and that there is hope! This book is a great place to start, with all of the literature and different treatment options available it is nice to have a book where you can review it all and then make a decision. Another benefit of this book is that the language is easy to understand. You are not reading a journal article where you have to look up what Pearson R Coefficient means! You are able to get the information you need, reflect on it and move on to what you feel you need to do for your family.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist all I can say is "I want more!" The wide variety of challenges and interventions that can help with those challenges for children with Autism are extensive! In order to dive deeper into communication, sensory issues or social skills this would warrant an entire text book dedicated to any of the aforementioned skills. Dr. Barboa, how about those additional text books? :-)

Since I am an Outpatient Speech-Language Pathologist and I do not work within the school system I appreciated the overview of the school system guidelines and how to advocate for a child with ASD. I also appreciated insight into sensory issues, various interventions and resources provided in the book.

I feel confident in recommending this book to several of the parents that I work with as well as fellow Speech-Language Pathologists who work with our plan to work with children with Autism. 

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