Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting into the Halloween Spirit!!!

I don't know about all of you but I have been having so much using Halloween materials in treatment this month! I thought tonight I would write out some of the items that I have been using.

First we have Spooky Speech by Sublime Speech - This download is free and is full of various articulation targets. If you are working in groups there is a great opportunity to turn the articulation targets into language centered goals. Some language activities may include picking out  1-4 words and having your patient create a sentence, turning the words into an auditory memory task, having your patient draw a story from the words, giving definitions, etc., I also find the vocabulary in this appropriate for my adult population especially with word finding difficulty.

Another fun activity is Ms. Lane's Happy Halloween following directions download. I am having trouble finding the original link so here is a general link to her website - she also has a new and festive story comprehension download available! Both for free!

Lets Talk Speech-Language Pathology has a Thanksgiving following directions download available as well. I haven't downloaded it yet but it is definitely on my list!

The Slide and Find SPOOKY book is by Roger Priddy. I found this book last year at Gordmans on sale and I love it!  It is a simple, yet interactive book for your younger patients. It includes basic concepts such as counting, early inferencing skills, and generally I feel this book is great for orientation to the Halloween holiday.

For my iPad I downloaded a neat pumpkin app complete with creepy music! I usually use this app as a reward for hard work in treatment. My patients get to decorate the pumpkin as they like. It takes a bit to get used to navigating to the different body parts you can add (eyes, nose, etc.,) so I like to see this as a great opportunity for my patients to request for help and give details for what they need. The app is called Pumpkin Creation and it is free!

Of course Halloween wouldn't be complete without fun stickers and a whole bunch of candy! What are you all doing to get your patients in the spirit? Have you picked out your costume?

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