Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley

Throughout my entire life I have lived in “tornado alley.” Fortunately, I have never lost any of my loved ones or things because of a tornado. I cannot imagine the hardships that the people are Moore, Oklahoma endured and will further experience. 

Though it is not much I wanted to do something for the people of Moore, Oklahoma. I have created this free Tornado Alley Game for education and awareness of tornados. If you choose to download this game please visit one of the two charities that I have linked below and make a donation to Moore, Oklahoma. We are working on the honor system so please follow through – remember that there is no gift that is too small.

Convoy of Hope

American Red Cross

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About Tornado Alley Game

This game is complete with 16 varied “wh” questions, 10 true/false questions, 20 facts about tornados that can be easily turned into a quiz/question format, 4 blank cards that you can write your own questions or facts and a board game. All you need is a dice! Students will have the opportunity to race around the board game to their tornado shelter! The one who makes it to the tornado shelter first wins!

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