Thursday, May 16, 2013

A new lisp for an SLP!

Yesterday my orthodontist fitted me with my Invisalign trays! In this video below I share a bit of my experience. I have a new appreciation for how hard my articulation patients work for me!

As you can see I have a bit of a lisp and now after I watched the video I notice just how different even my oral structure looks!

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on how to better my articulation that would be wonderful! I'm sure I will adapt in time but as with many other SLP mindsets I like work on fixing it now! I think the challenging part for me is there is actually an appliance in the way of my tongue and that even if I move my tongue into different positions the airflow still travels partially through my Invisalign retainer. Crazy! Leave comments!

Another challenge is the pain! Tooth pain is not terrible by any means but the retainer is cutting into my gums and my tongue, thus making it very challenging to talk...which I'm an SLP....part of my job! Yikes!

Here is a better picture of the "anchors" I was talking about! There are not my teeth - I just found this picture on the web so you all could have a better idea of what I was talking about. My anchors are a bit different, I have 17 - the majority of them are on my bottom teeth.


  1. Hello Mallory, I commiserate with you absolutely as an SLP and as a patient with adult dental issues. Last year, my implanted natural tooth which served as a bridge for over 20 years finally gave up the ghost and I had to have it removed (ouch!). I now have a space where two teeth used to be near the front of my mouth. I was fitted with a temporary bridge (until a titanium implant could be done), but it was horribly wrong for me. Having a high narrow palate, there was no place for my tongue to go...even at rest. In addition, like you, I have students who are working on the /s/ phoneme. I just couldn't make it work, so I have never really used it. Hopefully this summer, I will be able to get the ball rolling on that new implant or something more workable for my mouth. Hang in there.

  2. Hi Mallory, I have been wearing Invisaglins for the past 5 months. Mine have caused raised bumps inside my cheeks. It's just part of the process, I am told.
    I am a teacher. I am constantly slurring my words and articulating words improperly now. My tongue gets stuck on the backs of the Invisaligns. I also have a tendency to spit now, when I speak. My students are 7-10 years old, so are very understanding, although, they do giggle from time to time.
    Mine are on for two more years, so I hope that I work through these issues and that you do, too. May we both have beautiful smiles! Good luck!

  3. YT4Me and Lisa,
    Thank you both for your comments. Adult dental work is very challenging! I hope we will all make it through! Keep me posted on how both of you are doing!
    Mallory Mahon M.S. CCC-SLP

  4. Its been awhile since I've had to deal with something foreign on my teeth, but I can say it gets better! I couldn't articulate words at all when I was fitted with a retainer to expand my teeth. It essentially moved my palate down by a quarter of an inch. However, eventually I sounded normal!

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