Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Say What?

Say What? LOL!

Decoding Text’s – Vocabulary of a Teenager!

So many of our students (of various ages) text daily to their friends, family and peers. Yes I know that texting can be a nuisance but why not use this to our advantage?

In this game you will find 3 different activities that will help enhance your students language skills while you are “speaking their language!” Your players will race around the board game – depending on the color they land on will determine the task they must complete before moving forward. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with all of the Texting Lingo, I have provided a cheat sheet that is alphabetized!

Task 1 – Building Vocabulary and Decoding
*In task one the student will have the chance to decode the text in acronym form! This activity is great for decoding skills and vocabulary.  50 cards are included in this deck!

Task 2 – Problem Solving and Pragmatic Language
*In this task your student will have the opportunity to look into the social “rights” and “wrongs” of texting and some difficult situations where they will be asked “what would you do?”

Task 3 – Create a Text
*In this task your student will draw a card with a text in acronym form and will then create a semantic and syntactic sound sentence.

Other ideas outside of this game: You can have your students each draw a card and create a conversation from only the cards they have - this task can be separate or it can be a collaborative effort. This can also lead into creating narratives.

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