Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ASHA's Webinar on G-Codes

The new "hot topic" issue at my work for the past couple of months has been G-Codes. No not "guy code" (as my teasing boyfriend rhetorically asked). These are the new codes that will need to be utilized for successful billing and reimbursement for Medicare patients - specifically part B and a few other exceptions to the rules such as observation status patients in the hospital.

My hospital was very fortunate to have the support of our managers in our continued education on this topic. Today many of our SLP's were able to participate in ASHA's Webinar regarding G-Codes.

There was great information regarding G-Codes, NOMS, and FCM's. I would highly recommend looking into this Webinar if you have patients under Medicare part B! There was also a q&a part at the end which I think they will make available to read or to listen to I'd you decide to review the course now. Below is a link if any if you are interested!

If anyone has questions I would be happy to attempt to answer and if I don't know I will find out or get you a resource so we can find out!

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