Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Flashlight Find!!!

Yesterday morning I went to Target to pick up a few things before work. Of course I couldn't help myself and I decided to browse around the "dollar shop" part. Then I saw them...Picture Projector! It is a flash light that you can exchange a "slide" in the front and project various images. I couldn't help myself and I bought the three different types that were available. I was able to find one with dinosaur images, one with pirate images, and one with kind of girly images such as hearts.

* Inexpensive ($3.00) each
* Very fun!
* Comes with the batteries!

* I am a bit disappointed with the quality of picture. If you are going to have the lights on you will need to stand pretty close to the surface you are projecting the image onto if you are wanting a clear picture. Now if you have all of the lights off then you have a bit more leeway.
* You have to continuously hold down the button for the image to be projected... You can't just click and it will stay on. But this could also be a good thing for saving battery life.

Therapeutic Interventions:
I feel that many of my language kids would love to work with something like this.

Questions and Reasoning
One way you could use this is to have the student pick out the image and come up with clues to have another student try to guess what it is. You could have them 5-10 steps away from the wall, each step closer increases the ability to actually see the image projected. Of course you could do this vise versa as well. As the SLP you could create the questions and the students would have to use there reasoning skills to figure out the image before they could see it. Another idea is that you could have various stories or questions planned out with the images and then the students could answer your questions.

Your students could create a story based off of one to two images. Obviously there are several goals that could be addressed in this such as strong sentence structure, sequencing, appropriate length in story, etc. You could also have your students alternate building a story word by word (pretty challenging)!

Sentence Structure
Again you could project an image and then a student could create just one sentence about the image. You could have them create a sentence with specific targets such as subordinating conjunctions. You could also have them change the verb tense within their sentence.

Auditory and Visual Memory
If you have just one flash light you can switch out the images and then have your student recall the images in order. You could also do this with multiple flashlights. Another option is that your student could recall the main idea, details, the main sequence, etc., from a story you create.

I am very excited to start using them! I think that my patient's and I are going to have a lot of fun!! What other ideas can you think of from these flashlights that fits into your students goals?

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