Sunday, March 3, 2013

Arf Arf Attributes

I have been working very hard on my most recent therapy activity for receptive language skills. 
It is called Arf Arf Attributes! I hope you all enjoy!

Arf Arf Attributes is a receptive language focus game inspired by my patients that have difficulty processing the identification of objects with various attributes included. I believe that if a patient is lacking this foundation they will later have difficulty following multistep directions or complex 1-step directions due to not having the skill to attend to find details/attributes.

Arf Arf Attributes will be available in 4 levels and Level 1 is available to you tonight!

Level 1 provides the foundation to the entire Arf Arf Attributes packet.

Level 1 - Teaching
Animals - 10 Farm Animals
Color/Design - 8 Colors & 2 Designs
Location/Stance/Position - 11 Positions/Stances
Quantitative - 7 Quantitative Concepts

Level 1 has two options available. 
Option 1 - the entire pack, over 80 pages of flash cards, simple identification tasks in each subject, and 20 BINGO cards! You can get all of this on my TeachersPayTeachers store for a discounted price of $9 you are buying three and getting one for free!

Option 2 - you can pick out and buy any of the above subjects individually for $3 each on my TeachersPayTeachers store. Each subject includes flash cards, an identification task, and 5 BINGO cards.
Level 2 – Includes focus on each of the above concepts with an additional attribute. Such as: animal + color, or animal + quantity concept.

Level 3 - Includes focus on each of the above concepts with two additional attributes. Such as: animal + color + location, or animal + quantity concept + location.

Level 4 – Includes focus on each of the above concepts with three additional attributes. Such as: animal + color + location + quantity.

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