Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arf Arf Attributes Level 2!

I am so happy to announce that Level 2 of Arf Arf Attributes is ready! Below you will find a description and a link to my teachers pay teachers store!

Arf Arf Attributes: A Receptive Language Series
Level 2 – Identification of one attribute!

Arf Arf Attributes is a receptive language focus game inspired by my patients with difficulty processing the identification of objects with various attributes included. I believe that if a patient is lacking this foundation then they will later have difficulty following multistep directions or complex 1-step directions due to not listening for/identifying those fine details/attributes.

Welcome to Level 2 – Identification of one attribute of Arf Arf Attributes! Level 2 includes three sets of 5 bingo cars (that is 15 BINGO cards targeting receptive language skills)! The first set focuses on identification of animal + color or design. The second set focuses on animal + position/preposition/location/stance. The third set focuses on animal + quantitative concepts.

If your students/patients are having difficulty at this level consider buying Level 1 the entire series of Arf Arf Attributes or the basic concept set that they are having difficulty with.

You will find at the end of the BINGO cards a “cheat sheet” (the call out list) for the caller.

Here is what you have to look forward to with each section of Arf Arf Attributes:
Level 1- Teaching

Level 2 – Includes focus on each of the above concepts with an additional attribute. Such as: animal + color, or animal + quantity concept.

Level 3 - Includes focus on each of the above concepts with two additional attributes. Such as: animal + color + location, or animal + quantity concept + location.

Level 4 – Includes focus on each of the above concepts with three additional attributes. Such as: animal + color + location + quantity.

What other receptive language tasks are you looking for in treatment?

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