Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teaching Shapes with App's!

One of the basic concepts that I frequently target in treatment is the knowledge of shapes! Now I love to use shape sorters and various arts and crafts to increase knowledge of shapes. But for those of you have iPads there are a few fun applications out there for free! Here are mine!

The first app is Friendly Shapes by TabTale Production. This application is actually a really neat book!

As you can see it not only targets shape knowledge but it also has rhyming components. As a Speech-Language Pathologist you can dig deeper into literacy skills by asking prediction questions, looking into decoding and this book is chalk full of rhymes! Another nice feature that you can see above is the option to record your voice or your patient's voice! I think the kids really get a kick out of recording their own voice!

Also available on each page is the option to open games. As you can see you have option 1 - find the item, option 2 - counting, option 3 - jigsaw puzzle, option 4 - painting, and option 5 - memory match.

The story is wonderful for not only the auditory bombardment and the interaction with just learning the shapes but it also has a receptive language component where your patient will have the opportunity to identify the target shape.

Overall I really like this application! It covers basic shapes, it's fun and it's interactive! My only complaint is that it is a bit lengthy on the story side and the advertisements are at the bottom of the screen. The problem with the advertisements at the bottom of the screen is that kids tend to hit that with their palm if their fine motor skills are not completely developed (and at this age that is to be expected). I do believe you can buy the "full version" though I am not sure how much that is and all the bells and whistles that come with it but maybe the advertisements are taken away.

The next application is Shapes by Toddler Teasers

As you can see when you open up this application you immediately have 4 main options to choose from.

Option 1 - Quizzing
A group of shapes will appear (field of three) and a voice over occurs "find heart" then the patient points to the heart.

Option 2 - Flash Cards
Pretty self explanatory - flash cards of shapes. Don't forget you can also target colors here!

Option 3 - Toy Box
(Sorry about the formatting). Option 3 is the toy box that only has one game available, sad day! Five balloons initially appear. Once you hit a balloon then POP a shape comes out and falls down. Fun and interactive though again a bit disappointing that this is the only game in the toy box!

Option 4 - Puzzle

Self explanatory again has a pretty simple puzzle of shapes. Always nice for the patient's to feel successful if they like doing puzzles and bonus they are interacting with shapes, working on matching and getting the auditory bombardment component as well.

Our final application is Toddler Puzzle - Shapes by technolio.com

As you can see here you have options to change the difficulty of the application (and the language) which I find very nice being it a free application!

In the right hand corner you will see an octagon with a question mark. The program will say "find the octagon." Then the patient will have the opportunity to find it's match. Now I like to make this a bit more challenging on my iPad and I will cover up that top right corner with my hand and turn the activity into an identification task.

Once you match so many shapes then you have the reward of completing a simple puzzle!

What kind of activities and/or applications do you like to use for teaching shapes?

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