Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review - Overcoming Childrens Language Problems - VHS!

Just like everyone in the mid-west today we had a snow day! Since I work in a hospital this did not mean that I had the day off at home. But all of my patient's cancelled except for one so that meant that my fellow SLP's and I at work started to clean out our designated speech closet!

While we were cleaning out the closet we found an entire box full of speech-language pathology VHS tapes! SLP information and 80's hair styles? Yes please!!!

Tonight I watched "Overcoming Children's Language Problems - Speaking for Ourselves". It is a 24 minute video that I believe was intended for parents. The information is pretty introductory but is nice for parents. It gives that feeling of "I'm not alone" and it also gives a quick overview of the assessment process and treatment.

There were a few things that I pulled from the video that made me think... "hm could I do that?" Now before I go into those things I just quickly want to say that in this video they focused on just one facility and there implementation.

So, things that made me go "hm...". First was the assessment process. One part that I really enjoyed was that this facility had some of their patient's (age dependent) go into a room with a two way mirror. The SLP was then able to get a nice language sample through assessment of natural interaction between parent and child. This also gives an opportunity to not only assess the patient but also the patient's typical communication partner (mom and dad). Of course you can get a language sample just by being in the room with the parents and the patient but there is a higher risk that the patient may act shy and thus it would be difficult to see their true colors.

In my facility we have a couple of rooms that have two way mirrors so this would be possible. But we are given just one hour to complete our assessment before another patient is scheduled. I think this would be something nice to add into my typical assessment but I only think I could do this for 5-10 minutes.

The next thing that made me go "hm..." was that this facility within the video had a parent training program. Now this training program did not include the patient directly. They created two different programs because of their extensive wait list (16 months - which in 16 months you are usually dealing with an entirely new child because of development)! Any-who, there are two programs one for language and one for speech/phonology. Each program is 8 weeks long and brings in various parents (in a group) for 2.5 hours per week. During these 8 weeks they are educated on language intervention at home such as wait time, language expansion, modeling, pre-linguistic skills, etc... I think it would be so neat to have this available in my community but I also see it as a challenge for billing! How would your facility be able to bill for this without the patient directly involved? Though I know that there are now more programs that focus greatly on this parent education (with the child present) such as the Hanen programs.

General Pro's
* I think this movie is a nice start for parents. I know that if I wasn't an SLP and I had a child with a speech or language delay this movie would give me motivation to find the right resources for my kids. I also think that I wouldn't feel like an "outsider."

General Con's
*I think the video should have gone over a bit more of "red flag's" for parents
*Again if I was a parent watching this it would have been nice if there was a bit more education provided for the things to do at home.

More reviews on old VHS tapes to come! :-)

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