Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My First Game! Teko Land!

Welcome to Teko Land!!

Last weekend I created my very first game for Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers and parents. This game has specific focus into pragmatic language skills. I feel that it is pretty versatile (you can easily change the questions to reflect your child's age).  It may also be appropriate in problem solving and emotional regulation for our adults with right hemisphere stroke or brain injury!

Teko Land is a game to target pragmatic language skills. In Teko Land your patients will learn how to about 12 different emotions or personalities. The four deck options includes:
1.   Acting out the personality or emotion.
2.   Opportunity to tell about a time they experienced this emotion.
3.   Chance to think of a synonym or an antonym regarding that emotion.
4.   Create their own solution to a situation with a particular emotion.
Within each deck there are multiple questions available, pick one or all to ask your students!

Below are a three links for you to access all of the components of the game. Next time I will try to make this all on one document!

I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I had creating it! Special thanks to my friends Jenny and Alexa for reviewing the game and for their wonderful feedback!

What other types of therapy materials are you looking for?


  1. This game looks fabulous. I will plan to use it with my students next week as a welcome back from vacation new activity.
    Thank you for posting and sharing for free.

  2. You are certainly welcome! I hope you and your students enjoy!