Monday, February 4, 2013

Home Programs

One of my 2013 New Year Resolutions is to make a home program for each of my patient's that I see at my Outpatient Rehabilitation location. I thought it may be nice to share what I do!

Here is an example of an at home programs for one of my itty-bitty kids. I usually make two folders one of the parent and one for the child. Now at this age (1-3) the child doesn't typically utilize the folder but the child folder is more activity based and the parent folder contains more education. I bought these folders at Walmart for 10 cents each, not a bad deal. Then on the front I just write Parent Guide or the child's name.

Next in the Parent Guide I try my best to divide out various articles that I feel will be best for that particular parent to read for their child. For this Parent Guide I have the following sections:

Typical Speech and Language Development
Not to state the obvious but this section reviews typical speech and language development. :-)

So what is going on?
This section reviews what speech-language therapy is about and some causes of delays such as environmental factors or physical factors.
Here are some ideas...
This section reviews the verbal output of parents to their children. For instance reviewing power words, asking questions, simplification of language, language expansion, wait time, etc... I try to give articles that support the techniques I want my families to carry over into the home. Obviously you don't want to bombard with all types of techniques!

Here are some activities...
This section primarily helps the parents learn about communication opportunities such as during bath time, dinner time, really any routine!

Then we have the patient's folder!!!

For this particular patient I have the activities divided out by sticky note (just turn it upside down and write on the non-sticky part). Then I have a handy chart for the parents to go off of. I tell each and everyone of my families that I do not expect for them to do everything on this list everyday. I want them to pick maybe just one thing a day to focus on and it can be for as little as 5-10 minutes. I ask my families to also bring it back so we can discuss things they had success with and things that were difficult to carry-over. 

So where do I find all of the amazing resources to make these folders you ask?
Here are some of my top resources I use to make these at home folders!

I received the Communication Milestones book in class one day. I'm not sure you can order it anymore but I know it is a free download at...

This is another great resources, what is great about this book is that it has a lot of great ideas for pre-linguistic skills such as eye contact, play, and increasing attention. Love it!

This book is pretty self-explanatory. I use this for many of my Parent Guide folders.

Finally I have here this website is amazing! It is a website full of SLP's who have collaborated and have shared free-resources. As you can see if you go under "materials exchange" it brings you to another page where you can specific what type of activity you are looking for. This site has really been amazing for my home program activities!

I have been able to make an at home program folders for receptive language, expressive language, articulation, cognition, and AAC. I have found it so helpful and I can really see a big difference in my patient's that follow through!

What kind of ideas/resources do you have for a home program?
Happy Monday!


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