Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in Identifying and Treating Children With Auditory Processing Disorder Gail J. Richard - REVIEW!

Recently, I read "The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in Identifying and Treating Children With Auditory Processing Disorders" by Gail J. Richard.

I was drawn to read this article through ASHA because I have a few children on my caseload with the diagnosis of Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

The article sites one current definition of central auditory processing disorder as:

"the perceptual processing of auditory information in the CNS and the neurobiological activity that underlies that processing and gives rise to electrophysiologic auditory potentials. (C)AP includes the auditory mechanisms that underlie the following abilities or skills: sound localization and lateralization; auditory discrimination; auditory pattern recognition; temporal aspects of audition, including temporal integration, temporal discrimination, temporal ordering, and temporal masking; auditory performance in competing acoustic signals and auditory performance with degraded acoustic signals (ASHA, 2005b, p. 2).

This article gives an overview of general history and current views of Central Auditory Processing Disorder. It references several articles that support the diagnosis and treatment from Speech-Language Pathologists and articles that do not. I feel that after reading this article that I have been provided with a great resource so to continue my study of central auditory processing disorders. So when I'm wanting to find more information I can reference this article and it will guide my way! I also felt that this was a nice introductory article to central auditory processing disorder.

The downside to this article is that I thought it would go more in-depth into recommendations for specific assessments and treatment strategies for Speech-Language Pathologists working with Central Auditory Processing Disorders. I also thought it would provide cues to differential diagnosis from language disorders (aka characteristics of a child with CAPD that may be different than an expressive and/or receptive language delay/disorder) The information was also somewhat repetitive of the controversy with the diagnosis and treatment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders.

What do you think of diagnosis and treatment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders?


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