Sunday, December 9, 2012

"In the Town" by Priddy Books

Today I took a trip to Gordmans for some Christmas shopping! Little did I know that I would find an amazing book for therapy! I found "In the Town" by Priddy Books for only $2.99!!!!

This book is a nice interactive book targeting early "WH" questions, for example "what can you see in the park?" Then there is at least a field of 3 choices provided where the child can flip up the page to find the answer.

What I like so far about this book is that you can bring the level down to early childhood and have it as a basic expressive language or receptive language task. For example you could just have the child name the pictures to build vocabulary or turn it into an identifying task and have the child find the item. You can have them find the actual named item or just give them attributes or the function of the item. This book includes basic concepts as well (added bonus).

This book is also a great early reasoning book for some of our kindergarten or early elementary kids. On some pages more than one answer is right and others only 1 is right. The initial pictures you see are also shadows so it can turn into an inferential reasoning game! The tables can also be turned with this book...your child could have control of the book and pick a picture where he or she gives clues (without you seeing the picture) and then you have to guess what it is. The child could even make up a question for the picture if that is their goal.

My only concern so far with this book is my fear that the pages could easily rip! I have some strong kids!

What are some of your favorite books to use in therapy? Happy reading!

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