Monday, December 17, 2012

"Maisy's Show" by Lucy Cousins

So I have to make a small apology prior to posting. My computer just died this weekend so I am writing this blog post from my iPad. So I apologize if the pictures do not turn out in the right order or for any other technical glitch that may occur!

I couldn't wait to post about this book! Again I found this book at a great price, just $4.99!

Maisy's Show is a fun and interactive book that is chalk full of therapy ideas! Some therapy ideas I found include but are not limited to:

1. Predicting - what kind of show will be happening?
2. Reasoning - I see brown boots what kind of costume do you think that will be?
3. WH questions galore - who is wearing the pirate costume? What costume would you like to wear? Where are they performing? Etc..
4. Verb forms - what is he doing? (Dancing - present progressive), the alligator is flipping over, what did he just do? (Flipped over - past tense forms)
5. Language expansion - tell me about that elephant... It's big? Yes you're right it is a big elephant!
6. Literacy - learning the parts of a story
7. Pragmatics - how does this animal feel? Can you see a smile? How would you feel helping your friends build a set?

Bonus this is a pull the tab book! The kids have a blast making the characters move! The only downside to this book is that like most pull the tab books I see my kids being a bit too rough with it, but hey they have a great time!

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