Saturday, June 8, 2013

Minimal Pairs App. Review!

My plan for this post was to have some freebie's that I created up and ready to go for everyone but they are just not ready yet! So excited to share them when they are!

So I decided to give you all a review of an application I have on my iPad! Now my iPad is fairly new to me, my wonderful wonderful boyfriend gave it to me for our five year anniversary last September! I have to say that the iPad has really changed the way I do therapy in many positive ways. First and foremost I have more quality time with my patients! In my outpatient setting I see 1 patient at a time for 30 minutes to an hour. My patients are scheduled back to back so there just isn't the time to prepare materials before each session like I would like. With my iPad I can easily bring it out and be good to go! No shuffling cards, no trying to put them back in order, I just pull up the application I need and I'm pretty much ready to go! Many of my kids are also very excited to use the iPad in therapy as well!

Due to the fact that my iPad is new and that there are so many apps that I would like to buy I often download the free or lite version of the application to see if it is something that I would really want to purchase.

This application is called "SLP Minimal Pairs Lite" now for parents wondering what this is all about i have a short explanation available. Now some children out there have articulation errors, some have phonology errors and some have both.

Articulation Example - a child may not be able to make the /r/ so we treat the /r/
Phonology Example - a child may perform the phonological process of cluster reduction so with all (or the majority) of words that have a blend such as "star" the patient will simplify the word down to "tar". When this occurs we have to teach the patient the importance of their error because it usually will cause a semantic/vocabulary difference.

In instances of a phonological process we typically use minimal pairs to help in treatment for the patient. A minimal pair brings to light the semantic importance of the patients error, so in the example above I would show the patient a picture of a star ask them what it is...they would say "tar" and I would show them a picture of tar. The SLP Minimal Pairs Lite application makes this process available on the iPad.

Now since I only have the Lite version I only have access to the Cluster Reduction cards - so I can't speak to the rest of the decks available. I will say that there are some great features with what I have seen so far.

1. I like it that it will keep track of right and wrong answers, and will provide percentages at the end with option to e-mail if you would like to.

2. There are 3 different options for treatment - auditory training, a contrast drill, and target drill.

3. In my cluster reduction deck I can choose to target /s/ blends, /l/ blends, or both - I'm assuming that this function transfers to the other decks as well.

4. The pictures that I have seen are nicely drawn and functional.

The other process that are available are: final consonant deletion, deaffrication, stopping, fronting, prevocalic voicing, nasalization and gliding. Now as I said before I do not work with groups of kids so I haven't tested what that would be like. If anyone has used this application in a group setting please leave your thoughts below!

I do hope to buy the full version! It is in the App Store currently for $29.99. I also wanted to make it clear that I am not being paid or supported in anyway by this company or any other company to review this application! I hope you enjoyed the review! Questions and comments are always welcomed! Stayed tuned, I hope to have that freebie up soon!

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